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Indian Polity By Laxmikant PDF Free Download 2023



Indian Polity By Laxmikant PDF
ook Name:Indian Polity
Author:M Laxmikant
Genre:Civil Services Exam Preparation
Publisher:McGraw Hill
Edition:6th Edition

The Indian political system is a complex and diverse framework that governs the country’s functioning. To gain a comprehensive understanding of this system, one must delve into its various aspects, including the Constitution, executive bodies, legislatures, judiciary, and more. In this article, we explore the significance of Indian Polity By Laxmikant PDF, a renowned book that serves as an authoritative guide for those seeking in-depth knowledge about Indian polity.

Understanding Indian Polity

To comprehend the nuances of the Indian political system, it is essential to grasp its foundational elements and structures. The book “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant provides detailed insights into the following aspects:

Constitutional Framework

The Constitution of India serves as the guiding document for the governance of the nation. Laxmikant’s book meticulously explains the various articles, schedules, and amendments that constitute the Indian Constitution. It covers topics such as the preamble, fundamental rights and duties, directive principles of state policy, and the procedures for constitutional amendments.

Fundamental Rights and Duties

Understanding the fundamental rights and duties enshrined in the Indian Constitution is crucial for any citizen. Laxmikant’s book comprehensively outlines these rights, such as the right to equality, right to freedom of speech and expression, right to education, and right to protection from discrimination. It also delves into the duties of citizens towards the nation.

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Union and State Executives

The executive branch of the Indian government consists of the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Council of Ministers, and the Governor and Chief Minister at the state level. Laxmikant’s book elucidates their roles, powers, and functions, providing a deep understanding of the executive structure in India.

Parliament and State Legislatures

The legislative bodies in India play a vital role in lawmaking and policy decisions. Laxmikant’s book explains the composition and functioning of the Parliament, which consists of the Lok Sabha (House of the People) and the Rajya Sabha (Council of States). It also provides insights into the legislative structures and procedures at the state level.

Judiciary and Judicial Review

The judiciary ensures the enforcement of the law and protects the rights of citizens. Laxmikant’s book explores the organization of the Indian judiciary, including the Supreme Court, High Courts, and subordinate courts. It covers topics like the independence of the judiciary, judicial review, writs, and the appointment of judges.

Federalism in India

India follows a federal structure with a division of powers between the central government and the state governments. Laxmikant’s book offers a comprehensive analysis of this federal structure, explaining the distribution of powers, financial relations, and intergovernmental relations in India.

Local Governance

Local self-government institutions play a crucial role in grassroots democracy in India. Laxmikant’s book provides an in-depth understanding of the Panchayati Raj system and urban local bodies, their composition, functions, and significance in local governance.

Key Features of “Indian Polity” by M. Laxmikant

“Indian Polity” by M. Laxmikant stands out as an invaluable resource for those preparing for competitive exams or seeking a thorough understanding of the Indian political system. Here are some of its key features:

Detailed Coverage of Constitution

The book provides an extensive coverage of the Indian Constitution, including its historical background, philosophy, and key provisions. It explains each article, schedule, and amendment in a comprehensive manner.

Lucid Explanation of Concepts

Laxmikant’s book uses simple and lucid language to explain complex political concepts, making it accessible even to readers without a background in law or political science.

Updated Content and Amendments

The book is regularly updated to incorporate the latest amendments and developments in the Indian political landscape, ensuring that readers have access to the most current and accurate information.

Practice Questions and Mock Tests

To enhance learning and exam preparation, “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant includes practice questions and mock tests at the end of each chapter. This feature enables readers to assess their understanding and track their progress.

Why “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant is Highly Recommended

“Indian Polity” by M. Laxmikant has gained immense popularity and is highly recommended for several reasons:

Comprehensive Coverage

The book offers a comprehensive coverage of the Indian political system, leaving no stone unturned. It ensures that readers acquire a holistic understanding of the subject matter.

Easy-to-Understand Language

Laxmikant’s book uses a language that is easy to comprehend, making it suitable for readers at all levels of expertise. It avoids jargon and technical terms, simplifying complex concepts for better understanding.

Exam-Oriented Approach

The book adopts an exam-oriented approach, aligning its content with the requirements of various competitive exams. It focuses on providing relevant information and strategies to excel in these exams.

Updated Content

Given the dynamic nature of Indian polity, it is essential to have access to up-to-date information. Laxmikant’s book ensures that readers stay abreast of the latest constitutional amendments and judicial pronouncements.

Reputed Author

M. Laxmikant, the author of the book, is a respected figure in the field of Indian polity. His expertise and deep understanding of the subject make this book a trustworthy resource for readers.

How to Access the “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant PDF

To access the “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant PDF, you can visit the official website of the publisher or reputable online bookstores. Additionally, you can explore various educational platforms and libraries that provide digital copies of the book.

Is “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant suitable for beginners?

Yes, “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant is suitable for beginners as it uses simple language and provides a step-by-step explanation of concepts.

Can I rely on “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant for competitive exam preparation?

Absolutely! The book is highly recommended for competitive exam preparation as it follows an exam-oriented approach and includes practice questions and mock tests.

Is the content of “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant regularly updated?

Yes, the content of the book is regularly updated to incorporate the latest amendments and developments in the Indian political landscape.

Where can I find the “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant PDF?

You can find the “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant PDF on the official website of the publisher, reputable online bookstores, educational platforms, and digital libraries.

Are there any additional resources recommended to supplement the book?

While “Indian Polity” by Laxmikant provides comprehensive coverage, you can also refer to other relevant resources such as online articles, research papers, and video lectures for a broader understanding of the subject.


“Indian Polity” by M. Laxmikant is a comprehensive and highly recommended guide for anyone seeking to understand the intricacies of the Indian political system. Its detailed coverage, lucid language, updated content, and exam-oriented approach make it an invaluable resource for students, aspirants of competitive exams, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper insight into the functioning of Indian polity.

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